Life is about making connections — between people, between ideas. We’re here to do both. Sage Collective serves as a vital liaison within the community, fusing bonds between community partners and participants. Joined together, we lighten individual burdens to create a stronger and more purposeful collective.

Child kissing senior woman

We began as Tabernacle Senior Citizens Project, Inc. (TSCP) in 1978, with a mission to provide safe and affordable rental housing for individuals with low and moderate incomes, with a focus on senior adults. Today, we are guided by a set of principles and practices that, if followed, will offer unmatched quality of life for older adults:

Sage Collective is a unique leader in senior housing and focuses on a lifestyle of wellness and empowerment and the importance of meaningful roles through shared activities and intergenerational programs. Promoting independence, social connectedness, choice and personal growth, Sage Collective will utilize leading edge technology and care provision, human thoughtfulness, external partners, and research to lead senior housing into the next generation.

Grandpa and grandson playing on tablet together

We are on the frontlines of creating a new model for older adult independent living.

Our model is vibrant, high-quality and affordable — placing unique emphasis on intergenerational bonds and community engagement.

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