We continue our tradition of dynamic service delivery with enhancements to our programming that are designed to support vibrant living for older adults. Our activities incorporate a see-learn-do approach that integrates the vitality of immersive experiences with instruction and opportunities to learn. The realities of a global pandemic have expanded our programming so that seniors can now connect with one another and experience the world virtually. Whether it’s a virtual visit to the art museum and then crafting their own masterpiece, or participating in an on-line cooking class resulting in a delicious home cooked meal, our goal is to make sure that our participants come away from each program armed with a fresh perspective and a renewed vigor and energy. When circumstances permit, we will incorporate in-person activities that further support these goals.

Senior lady gardener

To promote full and happy lives for older adults, we champion 9 Ways of Vibrant Living.

9 Ways of Vibrant Living acts as our guiding philosophy, and the backbone of our residences and programming.

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