Promoted by Sage Collective, 9 Ways of Vibrant Living is an inspired model that champions a full, happy and high-quality life. 9 Ways of Vibrant Living outlines principles that are the backbone of our philosophy, and serves as a set of practical tools for living well, which can be applied universally.

*Based on lessons learned from Dan Buettner

9 Ways of Vibrant Living

01 Moderate, regular physical activity.

The vital importance of movement throughout the life-span has been conclusively demonstrated. Within the Sage community, our residents will be encouraged to maintain and even expand their activity levels through the multiple opportunities for growth and fun encouraged throughout the facilities.

Careful monitoring of activity levels and the individual’s integrated health parameters combined with routine health and activity prescriptions, allows us to ensure safety and comfort for our residents with maximum confidence and safety.

Senior woman holding gym weights

02 Life purpose.

For most, the meaning of life is generally derived from what we give back to our families and communities or the implementation of efforts to better ourselves through our personal growth of knowledge, skills and abilities. Within the Sage community, this is widely recognized as an essential component of vibrant living. We have found that the optimal approach with our residents and participants is through the empowerment derived from helping them to use their unique ‘gifts’ to help others in meaningful ways.

Senior woman holding a tablet

03 Stress reduction.

Stress is a natural component of life for all of us. Within Sage, our focus is not to totally eliminate stress but rather to learn to manage, to control and to minimize it.

Two seniors exercise

04 Moderate caloric intake.

Through the direct interpersonal one-on-one use of trained nutritionists and nutrition aides along with seminars and other educational activities, Sage residents and participants will learn to prepare and eat more fresh, healthy meals that will taste good, and also help them to consume fewer calories.

Vegetable bowl

05 Plant-based diet.

In addition to its innovative health and wellness program priorities, Sage will develop and curate culinary programs that focus on fresh and healthy, primarily plant-based diets, encouraged through nutrition education, cooking experiences and meals through our group dining experiences. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and legumes form the basis of a healthy diet. While meat may remain a small part of the menu, diet, portion control and delicious, alternative entrees are encouraged.

Curry rice

06 Moderate alcohol intake, especially wine.

Alcohol use is limited or prohibited in certain public areas within Sage facilities. However, due to the multitudes of medical evaluations revealing the beneficial effects of a small amount of wine on a daily basis, Sage encourages older adults to enjoy an occasional glass of wine with their meal.

Glass of wine

07 Engagement in spirituality or religion.

Research has revealed that life expectancy appears to be extended in those engaged in faith-based services. As such, we support and encourage participation in spiritual and religious experiences for followers of all faiths residing in Sage facilities or involved in Sage programs. We will work closely with community-based churches and spiritual centers to facilitate such participation where practicable.

Church with cross on it

08 Engagement in family life.

We are committed to providing a genuine sense of community. From our camaraderie-generating participant activities, to the family support activities and policies for our residents, to the incorporation of intergenerational teaching, learning and cultural activities, Sage actively and aggressively prioritizes the development of meaningful friendships and embraces existing family ties.

Girl hugging an elder family member

09 Engagement in social life.

Research shows that social isolation has a dramatic impact on health, and the quality of the community engaged in, and the environment lived in, profoundly impacts a person’s physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.

Therefore, we strive daily to provide opportunities for community engagement. Our external partnerships, which span from churches, to schools, to businesses, are an essential component of these programs, providing co-teaching, educational and entrepreneurial and employment opportunities that enrich and empower our residents.

Group of seniors working on an art project
Grandpa and grandson playing on tablet together

We are on the frontlines of creating a new model for older adult independent living.

Our model is vibrant, high-quality and affordable — placing unique emphasis on intergenerational bonds and community engagement.

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