Sage Collective is a pioneer in the realm of independent older adult housing that is being built with healthcare assets as an integral part of the residences development. Our vision for vibrant, high-quality and affordable living incorporates freedom and choice through the inclusion of wellness support, cultural exploration and spiritual enrichment.

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In keeping with our commitment to develop a roadmap for creating thriving, affordable housing and living environments in underserved communities, we are bringing to life a replicable model for building communities for older adults. Our model will combine the architectural elements, programming and activities that resonate with our residents while helping them better understand how to proactively change the quality of their lives. By intentionally engaging and leveraging the resources of community partners, we believe that we can help to fuel a movement that empowers and enables older adults who are currently feeling invisible and left behind.

With this framework in place, Sage Collective acquired two properties on the storied South King Drive in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood in 2020, which we are transforming into six vibrant living spaces that address the health and wellness challenges of older adults.

Progress to date

We are well underway with the complete renovation of 4112 South King Drive, which will include two units — one, a duplex with four bedrooms, and the other with two bedrooms. At the same time, we are reconfiguring the existing floorplans for 4108 South King Drive to accommodate four residences, along with a large amenity space on the lower level that allows for programming and activities to be enjoyed by residents. This level will also house Sage Collective’s administrative offices, as well as provide storage space for the residents.

This is our mission,
and we are absolutely committed to it.

For timely updates on the Bronzeville residences, visit our blog page, Sage Advice.

In the meantime, explore our current available programs under Programming.

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CAMPUS - Coming Soon

Sage Collective is in the process of creating a new model for older adult living. The vibrant and affordable community will include several sites across the equivalent of a city block, culminating in a campus that emphasizes health and wellness, cultural enrichment, sustainability and genuine connection for its senior residents.Continuing our legacy of service to older adults in Bronzeville and the surrounding area for more than seven decades, the community will be a uniquely vibrant and affordable option committed to the highest quality of care and service. Working with esteemed developers, contractors, architects, healthcare delivery systems, social service providers, faith leaders and community residents, this new model is a truly collective effort that will accomodate:

  • Subsidized and market-rate rentals
  • Attractive, durable finishes in eco-friendly buildings
  • High-quality units with luxe amenities at an affordable price point
  • Choice of on-campus apartment or townhome living
  • Adjacent fitness center adapted to unique senior needs
  • Performance space to host cultural rts activities
  • Various restaurant and retail services available to residents and outside community members
  • Social enterprises providing employment and financial stability to interested residents

This is our mission,
and we are absolutely committed to it.

For timely updates on the development process, visit our blog page, Sage Advice.

In the meantime, explore our current available programs under Programming.

If you share our concern for meeting the housing and/or programming needs of this community and its older adults, please feel free to Contact Us.

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To promote full and happy lives for older adults, we created 9 Ways of Vibrant Living.

9 Ways of Vibrant Living acts as our guiding philosophy, and the backbone of our residences
and programming.

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