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07.06.21 | Community & Lifestyle

What we mean when we say “vibrant, high-quality, affordable housing”

There’s a lot of language we use at Sage Collective that’s uncommon for the world of senior living. For example, we prefer to use the phrase “older adults” rather than “seniors” – more on that in this blog post here. When discussing our vision for Sage Collective’s residences, we also use the phrase “vibrant, high-quality, affordable housing.” But just what exactly does that mean?

Everything we do at Sage Collective – from the partners we choose, the programming we design, to the residences we develop – is built upon our foundational philosophy: 9 Ways of Vibrant Living. Read more about this philosophy and how we intend to bring it to older adults in our Vibrant Living Manifesto here. Ultimately, we believe that older adulthood is just another in a series of life’s chapters, and that seniors deserve to live just as joyfully, vibrantly, and fully as their intergenerational counterparts.

Too often, senior housing lacks the passion and joy of this belief we hold so dear. Based on limited resources, and often bogged down by limited imagination, affordable senior housing is all too commonly not the enjoyable experience that it should be. We’re here to rewrite that narrative.

At Sage Collective, we encourage our residents and neighbors to experience the freedom and joy of choice by providing them with wellness support, cultural exploration, and spiritual enrichment. We’re in a privileged position to deliver on this promise based on the legacy we come from – more on that in this blog post here. From our past experience, we’ve learned the powerful impact that a strong vision and an even stronger culture has on the services and housing products we’re able to provide.

We can’t wait to share this vision with you. Our first residences, 4108 and 4112 South King Drive in the Bronzeville community on Chicago’s Southside, will bring affordable and market competitive housing units to our community, and will be set apart by our vibrant living philosophy and attention to detail and quality. Stay tuned for more details to come.


Photo of contemporary residential interior
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