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09.30.21 | Community

The Importance of Checking In

It’s easy to assume that someone may be happy just from the smile on their face. However, behind closed doors, many people are dealing with heightened feelings of isolation, anxiety and depression. At Sage Collective, we believe that connection, engagement and shared relationships are vital to our health and well-being, as well as that of many other folks in our community. Checking in on friends, family and neighbors can be an effective way of looking out for one another and fostering those connections.  

Checking in on someone you haven’t seen in a while, who works remotely or who recently lost a loved one is a powerful gift. The simplest way of checking in is just asking how someone is doing. Reaching out can be done in person, through text, email or phone, and these small efforts can go a long way to show support and invite them to share more with you.

Words are meaningful, but in many circumstances, actions can be even more powerful. Delivering meals is a thoughtful way of checking in during difficult times or extending a hand to those who may have trouble accessing healthy foods. Whether it’s some of your own leftovers or cookies you’ve baked, your thoughtfulness will bring joy and comfort. Offering a form of mutual aid, a topic we talk more about here, is another inspirational way to foster engagement and check in on neighbors, since we know that extending aid to others by sharing knowledge and skills is a great way to develop ‘care webs’ — an element of mutual aid — in the community.

It’s essential that while checking in on those around you, you do not forget about yourself. It can be dangerous to ignore your physical and mental health while helping others. Valuable practices to utilize for checking in on yourself include asking yourself how you are feeling, meditating and taking advantage of other mindful habits that benefit your health and happiness.

Cropped shot of a cheerful elderly woman hugging her husband who's in a wheelchair at home during the day
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