Camille D. Love

Camille D. Love, NP is known for being a dynamic, inspiring, and forward-thinking Nurse Practitioner, who’s service within the health industry continues to spark positive inroads and create change. Camille’s core values of faith, service, growth and commitment to establishing trust have been a consistent thread woven throughout the fabric of her career. Camille’s model for healthcare has always been rooted in developing strong relationships with transparency in the interest of her patients, colleagues, and providers. Camille’s personal mantra follows a clear point of view that, in healthcare, service, growth and trust are pillars for providing excellent healthcare.

Camille completed her Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Nursing, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The earliest years of Camille’s career were not full of rainbows and gumdrops. She quickly became aware of the prevalence of health disparities in Black and Brown communities, and that overall health literacy was poor. The lack of cultural awareness perpetuated those disparities and health illiteracy. Given this harsh entry into the field of Nursing, Camille was more committed than ever to increase her cultural awareness to help mitigate the disparities and create generational change that would impact the masses.

In the last several years, Camille found her stride within her career, and has been a major contributor to the healthcare industry. In addition to patient care, Camille broadened her impact and engagement, serving as a mentor for future Nurse Practitioners via various training programs. She has become increasingly sought after for her professional prowess, and jovial personality. One of her greatest points of pride and accomplishments, was becoming bilingual while building her career as a newly minted nurse practitioner. With no prior experience or linguistic acumen, Camille immersed herself into her role in a clinic with a 90% Spanish speaking patient population. Learning a new language, and ways of working, proved to be a formidable task that was equal to that of managing patient care. Camille remains one of the most beloved practitioners of this community, which is a testament to not only her skill but the human connections she makes each day.

Camille’s goals for healthcare have only pricked the surface of the industry. Her future endeavors are far more than merely wellness checks and disease maintenance. Camille’s vision for healthcare is an interdimensional field that encompasses spiritual, mental and physical wellness, that includes strategic collaborations with organizations that have similar goals and objectives to restructure the framework of true wellness. In Camille’s own words, “True healthcare doesn’t merely fix or prevent a disease; it educates and empowers patients about their health.”