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12.01.20 | Health & Wellness

5 Ways to Keep Your Memory Sharp

Did you lose your car keys? (Or these days, did you misplace your mask?) Forget that item on your grocery list that you know you needed? We all suffer moments of memory loss from time to time, but by establishing certain habits, we can fight to keep our memory sharp. Today, we’re sharing five easy ways to keep your mind — and your memory — healthy!

Exercise Regularly

With a healthy body comes a healthy mind. Moderate, regular physical activity is an essential component to maintaining overall health — not just for seniors, but for every age group. Regularly exercising helps stimulate blood circulation in the whole body, including your brain, and helps aid in preventing memory loss.

Eat Healthy

Not that we should need another reason to keep a healthy diet, but here it is anyway! Feeding your body and brain with ample nutrients is a great way to keep your mind sharp. Avoiding unhealthy habits, such as drinking too much alcohol, is also an important preventative measure, as this will cloud your brain. 

Sleep Soundly

The average adult requires seven to nine hours of sound sleep each night. Hitting this mark plays an important role in maintaining memory. During the process of sleeping, our brain works to consolidate memories so we’ll recall them easier down the road. In addition to solidifying memories, sleep also aids in transferring memories from short – to long-term.

Stay Social

Social interaction is crucial to maintaining brain health, particularly for seniors that live alone. Studies show that even ten minutes of social time a day can make a difference. Spending time with friends and loved ones helps us ward off stress and depression, both of which can contribute to memory loss.

Engage Your Brain

Just as muscles become stronger with exercise, so too does the brain improve with increased mental stimulation. There are endless ways to engage your brain, such as doing a daily Crossword or Sudoku puzzle. You can satisfy brain engagement and socialization simultaneously by playing a board game with a loved one. Reading is also a good (and fun) way to stimulate your mind. Or if reading isn’t for you, try picking up another hobby, such as indoor gardening or crafting.

Not only will these five steps help improve your memory, but they’ll contribute to living a more vibrant life overall, too.

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