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07.07.22 | Sage Advice

The Importance of Personal Freedom and Independence

Independence and freedom are critical for everyone, but the older we get, the more significant their effects can have on us. While being independent is understood universally as having freedom, for individuals – specifically adults – the word can have a much deeper meaning and impact. Today, we’re diving into just how independence benefits us all as we continue to age. 

There’s no question that with age comes a plethora of changes to our minds, bodies and surroundings, and independence is sometimes the only thing we feel we have control over. Maintaining that control over our independence is just one aspect of ensuring you are living vibrantly and comes with its own rich benefits. 

Elevates a Sense of Purpose

Because independence is such an empowering, enriching privilege, it’s extremely powerful in granting a sense of purpose to those who have it. The opportunity to create goals, large and small, in hopes of accomplishing them is one of the most significant reasons for this characteristic. Whether you’re aiding in the lives of your family, friends or community, or working on yourself, having the freedom to set objectives provides a powerful sense of purpose. 

Encourages Relationship Development 

It isn’t easy to keep up with the newest technology and cultural developments, especially as an older adult. Building and maintaining relationships that provide access to the right resources is crucial for personal independence. Whether you have a family that helps you stay in the loop by navigating you through the latest technology or a neighbor who checks in on you every few days, community and independence go hand in hand for empowering a vibrant life. 

Enables Individuality

While a sense of purpose and relationship building is essential, independence has a significant impact on how you feel as an individual. When the divisions in your life are left out of your control, it’s not hard to feel a loss of yourself and your freedoms, which is why it’s critical to maintain a vibrant lifestyle and your sense of self, no matter what environment you find yourself.

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03.17.22 | Sage Advice

Why Technology Can Help You Discover Your Purpose

While the internet offers an endless amount of affordances, it often comes with a sense of overwhelming. Often, people will approach this matter by disengaging with the medium. But what if we started looking at it from a different perspective, thinking about how we can take advantage of technology to better our wellbeing and find our purpose?

For most, the meaning of life lies in the relationship we build with our family and community or through the application of various goals and values we assign to ourselves with time. As a significant element of Sage Collective’s 9 Ways of Vibrant Living, we believe that discovering a purpose is an essential component of living vibrantly. 

What many people often forget is that our purpose isn’t set. It ebbs and flows and changes as we do. Throughout these shifts of perspective, we find ourselves lost and without direction, which is why it’s so critical to experience a sense of connection, an affordance technology offers.

Because of technology, we are more connected and informed than ever before, but it’s also more difficult than ever for us to hide from negative behaviors. “Technology has to be utilized to bridge the gap that it has created. When so much of our lives are played out through technology; the best way to enhance them might just be through it,” says Constellation AI, one of the leading companies building technology to enhance human wellbeing. 

Because of technology’s various resources, including access to new communities, activities and knowledge, it has the potential to empower individuals and better our ability to find purpose. Discover how you can use technology to better yourself, find a way to live in harmony with both your physical and digital environment, and through that connectedness, you’re sure to discover your inner purpose. 

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09.07.21 | Sage Advice

The Cognitive Benefits of Scrapbooking

What might seem like an old-fashioned and outdated mode of documenting the past, scrapbooking is a pastime that can celebrate and relive memories while getting one’s creative juices flowing — especially for older adults. It is also a great way to curate family heirlooms for all to appreciate. Today, we’re sharing how immensely beneficial scrapbooking can be for improving cognitive function and reinforcing relationships. 

Scrapbooking provides a wealth of mental, emotional and physical benefits for older adults. Research has shown that the process of scrapbooking helps expand new neural pathways in the brain, a process called neuroplasticity. The hobby is a fantastic way for those suffering from dementia or memory loss to train their brains to be grounded in the present while still reflecting on the past. 

Scrapbooking is also a creative outlet, allowing participants to express emotions they might usually refrain from expressing. It permits people to revisit their past experiences, relieving their  negative emotions and regaining a sense of purpose. Scrapbooking also offers advantages for relieving stress as cognitive abilities deteriorate. 

Scrapbooking can also be fun to do with others. As a social experience, it fosters communication, lightening the effects of loneliness and creating the opportunity to explore common interests with others. Scrapbooking is also a marvelous way to bring families together and engage in an intergenerational activity that strengthens bonds. By helping older adults sort through the memorabilia of the past — photos, letters, drawings, etc. — to build scrapbooks from their own documented memories, younger generations also have the opportunity to establish their own connections to their family histories that will last long after the scrapbook is finished. 

When looking for engaging, emotionally-rich and creative activities to keep your mind active and revel in the past, put scrapbooking at the top of the list!

If you want to learn more about how to scrapbook, check out the video below.


A table is laid out with material used for scrapbooking.
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