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07.21.22 | Sage Advice

Personal Statements and Manifestos

As we continue our Vibrant Living Programming, we also want to resume sharing rich content that compliments our spirited training, and this month’s theme is freedom. Along with independence and opportunity, freedom can mean many things to many people. Today, we’re exploring how independence inspires purpose, how personal manifestos can propel that purpose even further and how you can create one of your own. 

A personal manifesto performs as a declaration of what you truly want from life, which makes it the perfect tool for engaging personal independence. Traditionally, you might know manifestos as published statements declaring the intentions or beliefs of organizations, similar to our Vibrant Living Manifesto. However, manifestos are fluid and can be similarly used by individuals to act as both a statement of ethics and a call to action and are powerful in giving life meaning and direction.

Whether you’re in search of a guiding compass, a frame, a reminder of your priorities or simply inspiration, creating a personal manifesto is sure to provide your life with a foundation of additional meaning and direction. Learn how to write your own below: 

Begin your manifesto by writing down your values, beliefs, behaviors you apply to life and other areas you want to address. If you’re having trouble thinking of what to write, it might be easier to ask yourself questions about those themes. Remember, personal manifestos are exactly how they sound, personal, so yours is likely to be unique to itself. 

After creating your list, start to transform each point of interest into active, declarative statements; use powerful language, don’t worry about the length and remember to keep it uplifting and positive. When finished, make a copy and put it somewhere you will see every day; your manifesto could be the perfect tool for vibrant living, write and live it now!

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11.12.20 | Sage Advice

Vibrant Living Breakdown: Life Purpose

We don’t believe in living a passive life; we believe we should be active participants in our own health, wellness and happiness. That’s why Sage Collective created 9 Ways of Vibrant Living, a model that champions high-quality living, and the backbone of our philosophy. Today, we’re unpacking the second of our nine components: life purpose.

At Sage Collective, we see life purpose as what we give back to our families and communities, or the implementation of efforts to better ourselves through our personal growth of knowledge, skills and abilities. 

True to the notion that we should each be active participants in our lives, having a life purpose puts us in the driver’s seat, and provides us with guidance, clarity and intention to help navigate each day we live and the decisions we make. Rather than allowing things to merely happen to us, living life with purpose means we challenge ourselves to pursue growth, change and meaningful experiences that fulfill us. 

It provides a measure of success, based on what’s most important to us. And in the pursuit of that success, we become more driven, more passionate people. This focus also provides added layers of gratification, knowing that we’re living with integrity and staying true to our own values. Having life purpose, therefore, leads to us living happier, more fulfilled lives.

And when we personally experience purpose and joy, we then have the opportunity to share that with others. Having life purpose doesn’t only transform your own experience, but it transforms the experience of those around you, creating an impact that is long lasting and felt widely. 

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