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08.31.23 | Community & Lifestyle

Starting a Business or Pursuing a Passion Project as an Older Adults

In an age where personal growth is not just a youthful pursuit, older adults are embracing the adage that age is just a number. An inspiring study found that a whopping 55% of Americans aged 45 and up are actively learning new things. But why stop at learning? Today, more and more older adults are taking their newfound knowledge and using it as a springboard to start businesses or chase after passion projects.

Starting a business or pursuing a passion project in later life brings with it a unique set of advantages. Older adults possess a wealth of life experiences, years of honed skills, and often, a network of contacts built over a lifetime. This rich tapestry can become the foundation upon which new ventures thrive.

Moreover, there’s a beauty in launching an endeavor when one has reached a stage of life where societal expectations have shifted. The fear of failure, while still present, can be overshadowed by the exhilaration of following one’s dreams. After all, what better time to take risks than when you’re armed with the greatest tool of all, wisdom.

For those teetering on the edge of taking the plunge, Vibrant Living offers a beacon of inspiration. This ethos emphasizes the importance of embracing every moment, seeking out growth opportunities, and living life to its fullest, no matter one’s age. It’s never too late to reignite old passions or discover new ones, and Vibrant Living serves as a reminder of that potential.

But how does one transition from dream to reality? It begins with a single step. Whether it’s jotting down business ideas, enrolling in a workshop, seeking mentorship, or simply dedicating time each day to nurture a hobby – every action counts. Over time, these small steps coalesce into tangible results, leading to businesses blossoming or passion projects coming to fruition.

In conclusion, the later years of life are not just about reflection; they can be about action, innovation, and chasing dreams with renewed vigor. Starting a business or delving deep into a passion project is not the realm of the young alone. It’s an adventure open to anyone with courage in their heart and the enduring spirit to pursue it.

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09.16.21 | Community & Lifestyle

Why It’s Never Too Late to Go Back to School

As part of Sage Collective’s 9 Ways of Vibrant Living, we encourage everyone to take advantage of their unique talents and interests to help others in meaningful ways. However, for some, finding a purpose and exploring interests can be overwhelming or somehow inaccessible. Going back to school is one effective way for older adults to discover purpose, increase knowledge and realize a dream.

Today, the typical college student is starting to look less like a 20-year-old running late to class after a night out and more like a middle-aged adult seriously interested in furthering their education. In fact, according to the Lumina Foundation, almost half of the undergraduates from for-profit institutions and one in five undergraduates from four-year universities are over the age of 30. 

Flexibility is one of the key reasons why older adults are choosing now to return to school. Encouraged by COVID-19, many universities have adopted and significantly improved their online learning programs. Often, online programs encourage their students to take classes and earn their degrees at their own pace.

Furthering their education isn’t always the main reason older adults choose to go back to school. Changing career directions, cultivating purpose and interests, and even retaining a sharp brain are all motives for older adults to go back to school. Research has shown that continued intellectual engagement for seniors, like going back to school, can help protect them from certain cognitive disabilities like dementia. 

Going back to school for older adults is also more affordable than ever. Many states are now offering free or low-cost opportunities for older adults to access academic classes. AARP has assembled a list of financial assistance offered by each state that you can learn more about here

Universities across the country are welcoming older populations with open arms now more than ever enabling these ‘new’ students to experience the rewarding and self-validating experience of revisiting education. Whether you’re looking to further a career, explore your purpose, or want to learn something new, it is never too late to go back to school.

A group of older adults celebrate with high fives around a table.
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