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01.05.21 | Community

Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolutions

Just when you think the hard part is done — deciding on New Year’s resolutions — the clock strikes midnight and it’s time to follow through. You’re not alone, though. We all struggle to stick with our New Year’s resolutions. And luckily, with determination and the right strategy, you can keep your resolutions alive far past January’s gym membership. Here’s just a few helpful tips:

Make Incremental Goals

We often struggle to keep resolutions because they’re simply too daunting. A big-picture goal like “eat healthier” is much easier to tackle when broken down into small, digestible actions. Try making incremental goals, such as “include veggies in one meal per day.” This way, you have a tangible action to work towards, and once the action is completed, a victory to celebrate, too. 

Utilize Your Support System

Whether it’s an accountability buddy or just a loved one lending an ear, sharing your successes and struggles is an important part of the journey. Having a support system means others are there to share motivation and advice along the way, as well as helping to hold you accountable. 

Practice Patience + Forgiveness

Of course nobody is perfect. There will be days where your resolution falls to the wayside, and that’s okay, too. It’s important to practice patience and forgiveness, and not to beat yourself up for an off day (or two). Ups and downs are just a part of the journey. Studies even confirm: those who succeed in sticking with their resolutions actually slip up an average of 14 times.

Take Time to Reflect

Throughout the year, remember to take a step back and reflect. What made you choose this resolution in the first place? What does achieving this goal mean to you? Moments of meditation and mindfulness such as these help us realign with our own wants and desires.  

Keeping resolutions, like making any change occur, isn’t an overnight affair. But with the right approach, you’ll be able to stick to your goals all through 2021.

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