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04.28.22 | Community

Sage Collective’s Guide to Picnicking

There’s no better way to welcome nice weather than by packing a basket and strolling to your nearest green space for a peaceful picnic. The longtime tradition pairs food and nature, and is a wonderful way to spend time with family, friends and community. However, while the excursions are always worthwhile, they typically require a handful of planning beforehand. Today, we’re sharing our essential how-to guide on picnicking to ensure you a flawless experience.

Plan Ahead

One of the best elements of picnicking is the versatility you have to make them as casual or fancy as you want. It’s best to begin by exploring which picnic set-up is right for you. Are you looking to create an intimate dining experience in your backyard or an informal excursion to the park? 

Once you’ve settled on your set-up, it’s important to consider who might be coming and what energy you’re going for before you begin to plan the menu. A spread for a larger gathering in the evening will look much different than one for a smaller gathering mid-day. 


Every picnic needs some sort of trunk, whether it’s a hand down old-fashioned picnic basket or a large canvas bag. No matter what you choose for your baggage, it’s always a smart idea to have at least one container complete with a few frozen ice packs to utilize as a portable refrigerator for some of your food. 

Along with your luggage, make sure to pack other essential items for your trip, including a blanket, water bottles, silverware, napkins, a bag for trash and any other item that you may need on your checklist. 

The Food

Because picnicking is so versatile, there isn’t a right or wrong menu when planning what you want to serve at your gathering. However, there are still dishes you may want to avoid, especially easily meltable and moldable food items like ice cream and eggs. 

Think of foods that won’t get soggy, are still tasty at room temperature and require very little hands-on action once you get to the picnic. Like any normal meal, try to pack a mix of proteins, starches along with a mix of fruits and vegetables. Crowd pleasers often include cold chicken, watermelon, all-in-one salads and pinwheels.

Whether you plan your picnic well in advance, or make it a last minute activity, it’s important to remember that picnics have always been meant to celebrate delicious food, relationships and the nature surrounding you. So what are you waiting for? Go pack your basket and toast to the season of picnicking!

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