Performing Arts and Culture

Virtual tools and experiences that could easily be classified as ‘wonders of the world’ are now a click away!  We’re talking about online tours of places like the Louvre in Paris, and real-time cameras with night vision that catch wildlife as they gather around watering holes in the jungles of the African continent.  Or, maybe you’d like to visit the peaks of Machu Picchu, or the outer reaches of space from the NASA Space Center in Houston, Texas?

Whether your tastes run to these exotic locales, or locating sites that are a little closer to home like the neighborhood where you grew up on Google maps, we invite you to join us on an exploration of people, places and things using your computer in ways not previously possible!  Virtual Bingo, Poetry Slams, Art & Sip projects, and music performances by local artists are just a few of the activities we regularly host, and we occasionally distribute materials to those who do not have or use computers.

We are committed to providing participants with the tools to comfortably access and utilize technology, and our programming incorporates ongoing technology training facilitated by high school and college students.  We believe that creating opportunities for intergenerational interaction and learning also forms the basis for forging new relationships and social connections between participants.

Check back for our schedule of Sage Collective activities!