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11.02.20 | Health & Wellness

November is National Family Caregiver Month

November is National Family Caregiver Month — or NFC Month, for short. In support of those who take on the role of family caregiver, the month is meant to raise awareness for issues they face, to celebrate their tireless work and rally support for them and to educate caregivers themselves about self-identification.

The tradition began as National Family Caregivers Week in the mid 1990s. For years, American presidents have celebrated the week, and have given speeches in its honor. But it wasn’t until President Barack Obama’s NFC Month Proclamation in 2012 that the week became extended to an entire month. 

During the 2012 proclamation, President Obama stated: 

“Across America, daughters and sons balance the work of caring for aging parents with the demands of their careers and raising their own children. Spouses and partners become caregivers to the ones they love even as they navigate their own health challenges… All of them give selflessly to bring comfort, social engagement, and stability to those they love. National Family Caregivers Month is a time to reflect on the compassion and dedication that family caregivers embody every day. As we offer our appreciation and admiration for their difficult work, let us also extend our own offers of support to them and their loved ones.”

Each year, Caregivers Action Network (CAN) chooses a specific theme for National Family Caregivers Month. This year, the theme is Caregiving in Crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has escalated our concern for health and safety, and in turn, has placed greater stress on family caregivers as they navigate this challenging time. 

You can learn more about National Family Caregivers Month from AARP, here.

You can also read advice for older adult caretakers during the pandemic from Sage Collective’s own Rear Admiral (ret) James M. Galloway, here

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