Laurel A. Royer, Ph.D.

Laurel A. Royer, Ph.D. is an environmental and human health scientist and founder of Carinalis Consulting and Research. Carinalis is a firm principled in building bridges and creating spaces that engage industry, academia, and community to address pressing global environmental and health challenges.

Dr. Royer has more than 15 years combined research, scientific, technical advising expertise. She has developed, built, and sharpened an inter- and trans- disciplinary consultancy focused on evaluating the balance between innovation and detrimental impact. Dr. Royer applies fundamentals of the chemical and related sciences to evaluate manufacturing/production and application, disposal, contamination, and exposure issues via the use cycle to support stakeholders in achieving an overall positive impact. To that cause, she supports clients and partners across a myriad of sectors addressing both proactive and reactive responses at the intersection of the built and natural environment.

Dr. Royer is an active and vocal advocate for broadening participation through lens of equity and inclusion in deriving environmental and health solutions that advance sustainable and economic development frameworks. Her work with community-based organizations involves technical advising that supports capacity building, grant execution, research, and implementation strategies.

She holds a Master of Science degree in Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, and Doctoral degree in Environmental Chemistry from Purdue University. She is also an alum of the University of the Virgin Islands.