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09.22.22 | Community

Community Service Spotlight: Election Working

For the past few years, Americans have had to navigate a variety of hardships, affecting the everyday lives of nearly everyone. Because of this, the importance of political engagement has been expressed more than ever before. We’ve previously discussed the significance of engaging in politics and using your voice to stay engaged, but those actions wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for poll workers. Often forgotten, election workers are the soul of America’s electoral system and crucial to voters looking to exercise their rights on election day. 

On election day, voting locations across the country become filled with life, but it takes more than just a morning to organize and set up the polls. For weeks before the election takes place, poll workers are trained and guided in the critical roles they take up during election days. 

From the firm election rules to common – and uncommon – situations they may encounter while working, election workers become experts on how to successfully maneuver the tribulations of election day. What many don’t realize is the time and energy poll workers pour into the work. Typically all-day affairs, poll workers commit more than just a few hours at the booths. 

And while the endeavor can be tiring, election working is extremely rewarding, especially for those looking to spend more time engaging with their community. Luckily the process of signing up to become a poll worker is easy! First, ensure you’re a registered voter in your state. Requirements differ in each state, so check with your local election office before signing up. 

Now more than ever before polling locations across the country are looking for poll workers passionate about protecting the democratic process. So, what’re you waiting for; apply to be an election worker to help your community before the next election!

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