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07.21.22 | Sage Advice

Personal Statements and Manifestos

As we continue our Vibrant Living Programming, we also want to resume sharing rich content that compliments our spirited training, and this month’s theme is freedom. Along with independence and opportunity, freedom can mean many things to many people. Today, we’re exploring how independence inspires purpose, how personal manifestos can propel that purpose even further and how you can create one of your own. 

A personal manifesto performs as a declaration of what you truly want from life, which makes it the perfect tool for engaging personal independence. Traditionally, you might know manifestos as published statements declaring the intentions or beliefs of organizations, similar to our Vibrant Living Manifesto. However, manifestos are fluid and can be similarly used by individuals to act as both a statement of ethics and a call to action and are powerful in giving life meaning and direction.

Whether you’re in search of a guiding compass, a frame, a reminder of your priorities or simply inspiration, creating a personal manifesto is sure to provide your life with a foundation of additional meaning and direction. Learn how to write your own below: 

Begin your manifesto by writing down your values, beliefs, behaviors you apply to life and other areas you want to address. If you’re having trouble thinking of what to write, it might be easier to ask yourself questions about those themes. Remember, personal manifestos are exactly how they sound, personal, so yours is likely to be unique to itself. 

After creating your list, start to transform each point of interest into active, declarative statements; use powerful language, don’t worry about the length and remember to keep it uplifting and positive. When finished, make a copy and put it somewhere you will see every day; your manifesto could be the perfect tool for vibrant living, write and live it now!

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05.11.21 | Sage Advice

Announcing Sage Collective’s Vibrant Living Manifesto

Sage Collective is thrilled to unveil our Vibrant Living Manifesto. This manifesto lays clear our approach to vibrant living, and invites all those who think and do similarly to join us. Read the full manifesto below: 

Aging isn’t just a biological process — it’s also a cultural process. Our cultural perceptions of aging have a profound impact on the experience of growing older.

We rebuke the traditional American model of valuing novelty and youth above age, experience and wisdom. We instead call upon other exemplary models for inspiration: Native Americans herald their elders as the keepers of tradition and storytelling, and in many Eastern civilizations, filial piety (to be good to one’s parents) is deemed an essential duty. 

At Sage Collective, we believe that humanity is at its very best when we connect and engage with one another. We believe that elders have boundless knowledge to share with youth, and vice versa — because we believe that life is a constant, collaborative journey for all ages. 

So we’re here to disrupt the status quo, to catalyze change in the way people understand the role of older adults in society. We’re here to create an innovation lab — to test new ideas, processes and products and expand our ways of thinking and doing — as a way of establishing a radical new framework where older adults are valued and engaged, where they experience a life lived vibrantly.

Freedom, flexibility and joy… access to high-quality, affordable and vibrant living… We believe these are rights, not privileges. That’s why Sage Collective is providing residences, programming and ancillary services to manifest our vision. 

As with any vision, ours is nothing without the support that translates ideas into action. We need residents and participants who share our commitment to vibrant living and want to be a part of it. If you’re a collaborator, a disruptor, a changemaker, a change-seeker… we invite you to do better, for ourselves and others, to live more vibrantly, to be a part of the collective.

Graphic reads: Sage Collective Vibrant Living Manifesto. Aging isn't just a biological process — it's also a cultural process — and our cultural perceptions of aging have a profound impact on the experience of growing older.
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